IMmAGINE – group show

Curated by Martina Cavallarin

Opening: Thursday 28 August, 2.30 pm

August 28 - September 20, 2014

IMmAGINE is an intense exhibition of works concentrated on natural landscapes between mountains and valleys by Hamish Fulton, on the investigation and the trace of Francesco Jodice, on the suburban architecture of Andrea Morucchio, on the destination and the process of the image of Mauro Ghiglione. The exhibition intends to narrate industrial scenarios, architectures of the environmental landscape, evolutions and forms of the territory and at the same time carry out an attempt to narrate the domination of the image. IMmAGINE, therefore, stands as proof of the exercise of a fragmented visual history endowed with the strength, intensity, and suggestion of the image accorded in its different functions. Functions in motion already in the construction of the title of the exhibition that moves between the concept of appearance understood as physical form and the invitation to imagine declined as vision, the possibility of thought, dictatorship of the imagination. The exhibition, therefore, starts from a survey of places, forms, and structures, elaborated through the photographic medium seen as a necessary tool even if decoded and lightened of its formal technicalities. The cognitive path is determined by different intercession trajectories that govern the work and its process where the artist acts as an investigator in search of traces, clues, and paths. IMmAGINE uses different signs, always wandering, converging, spurious, circular, two-way, always governed by a translation including it as a mechanism within which the necessary tremors and contaminations occur. What is interesting to note through the observation of landscape architectures, the constructions of the urban territory, the skeletons of industrial structures or marginal places in the works of Hamish Fulton, Francesco Jodice, Andrea Morucchio, and the presence of the word or gesture - torn photo - in the work of Mauro Ghiglione, it is an in-depth study on the due and undue functions of our skin perceptions and the regime of the imaginary (1.) whose destination and process are to be explored. The exhibition includes a round table aimed at deepening and examining the central theme and conducted in ways that adhere to the mechanism that generates it. It is therefore intended to open dialogue and comparison, cross and multiple points of view between different professionals in the sector: artists, critics, curators, art theorists and the public, all those who want to intercede, open up to exchange, abandon themselves to a wandering of the gaze and thought, to the transit between works, images, visions, gazes, investigations.