About us


Galleria Michela Rizzo opens in 2004 in a small venue intending to breathe new life into the contemporary Venetian cultural scene, mainly dominated by commercial art galleries. After moving to Palazzo Palumbo Fossati for six years, in 2013 the gallery eventually settled in its new home: the former breweries on Giudecca island.

Over the years, Galleria Michela Rizzo produces a high-profile programme through in-home exhibitions, partnerships with major local and foreign museums and institutions, and collaborations with historical, established, and emerging artists. The strength of Galleria Michela Rizzo lies in the synergy between Venetian roots and international connections, and its mission is to constantly raise the bar in the Italian cultural offer, providing a platform for artists who question the great topics of our time.

The relevance of history, the contemporary political and social scenarios and the relationship between people and their environment emerge in the practices of such major artists as Fabio Mauri, León Ferrari, Hamish Fulton, Nanni Balestrini, Antoni Muntadas, Vito Acconci, Roman Opalka, Brian Eno, Barry X Ball, and David Tremlett.

Time and its meaning, the value of slowness and reflection, the relation with space, nature, and landscape are some of the themes examined by Francesco Jodice, David Rickard, Michael Hoepfner, Antonio Rovaldi, Mariateresa Sartori, Andrea Mastrovito, Kateřina Šedá, Giorgia Fincato, Federico De Leonardis, Marcela Cernadas, Aldo Runfola, Maurizio Pellegrin and Silvano Tessarollo.

New technologies are explored by our younger artists such as Alessandro Sambini, Ryts Monet and Matthew Attard, who question the contemporary overproduction of images and information, and their consequent overconsumption.

Finally, the artists working with painting include Riccardo Guarneri, Saverio Rampin and Lucio Pozzi.

Among the most relevant exhibitions in collaboration with museums and institutions, it is worth mentioning Isole by Maurizio Pellegrin (2005), a site-specific project for eight Venetian museums; Lawrence Carroll at Museo Correr (2008, Venice); Tony Cragg at Ca’ Pesaro, - International Gallery of Modern Art (2010, Venice); Barry X Ball at Ca' Rezzonico (2011, Venice). In 2017, Galleria Michela Rizzo collaborated with the Municipality of Pisa, through a cycle of exhibitions inside the medieval church Santa Maria della Spina with site-specific installations by Wolfgang Laib (Somewhere Else) and Richard Nonas (... as light trough fog ...).